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Below is our family of OSHA compliant safety products.  Our products were designed with ease of use and most importantly, SAFETY in mind. a

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About Smart-Rail

Our patented Smart-Rail is the only OSHA compliant safety rail of its kind on the market.  It fits on any aluminum staging (plank/pick) in just seconds, no tools needed.  

Smart-Rail Video

Check out this great video of our patented Smart-Rail 

About Smart-Edge

Our patent pending Smart-Edge can be installed on the gable truss while it is still on the ground and then crane the truss up with all the safety rails already in place.

Smart-Edge Video

Check out this great video of the patent pending Smart-Edge safety rail.

About Smart-Bracket

Our patented Smart-Bracket is load rated for 1,000 lbs. /pair which is twice any other bracket.  You can span 24' or more with just 2 brackets and it can be set as an OSHA compliant catch platform.  

Smart-Bracket Video

Check out this great video of the patented 


Smart-Perimeter Safety Rail