About Us



Staging Bracket LLC a family owned and operated company specializing in job site safety. We designed our products specifically for Habitat for Humanity volunteers, so they are super easy to install which is why professionals all over the world love our products even more.  I am a veteran of the U.S. Navy Seabees and my wife Laurie has been in construction for 38 years, from installer to sales & design. I invented the Smart-Bracket while volunteering at a Habitat for Humanity build as well as working for Laurie's design/build company, Laurie's Certified Construction. What I realized was that setting up safe staging that met OSHA standards was taking a lot of time, so I started thinking about how to maintain safety while shortening set up time. That's when I invented the Smart-Bracket, a lightweight durable staging bracket that hangs on the wall & can be installed in just minutes. I started designing, welding, testing and then redesigning, welding and testing, over and over. After many many prototypes the Smart-Bracket was born. It is both easy to set up and load rated for 1,000 lbs. per pair, twice that of any other bracket on the market allowing it to have a greater span between brackets, up to 39'.  With such large spans I needed to create an OSHA compliant back rail to bridge the gap between brackets. That's when I invented the Smart-Rail, a durable and lightweight safety rail that fits on any aluminum plank/pick & installs in under a minute, no tools needed, and can be used with the Smart-Bracket or with other systems lacking a safe fast option for a safety rail. We have added the Smart-Edge safety rail for the gable or eave as well as the Smart-Perimeter safety rail for upper deck perimeter protection. Together, Laurie and I have created a cutting edge, innovative company specializing in job site safety. With ever changing safety requirements and the need for safety in so many different trades, Laurie and I expanded our services to include Custom Safety Solutions due to the many requests for custom brackets & rails that didn't exist. If you have a special safety need, we can design a solution with our state of the art design software. We also have several third-party testing facilities to ensure your product will perform safely and meet or exceed all OSHA standards. Call or email today and let us design a solution for your safety needs.